Farriers Hoof

         I have used this new products only twice and with unsatisfactory results. Once on a seedy toe with no obvious results noticed. Second time we have tried it on thrush as pictures show below. A piece of gauze was dipped in the product and pressed into the crack caused by the thrush. After about two week there was no apparent change in the condition of the frog. The only thing noticed was, that the treated area (frog) became soggy. Previously this product was posted to the "Hoof Products Page", however after my experiences with it, I have moved it on the "Junk" page. I find this product useless for the above mentioned treatments. 


All my comments are merely my opinions and beliefs gained from 40 years of professional life with horses. All drugs should be used only by the consent of a veterinarian and according to his instructions. A person who is with the horse everyday, should know him better than anyone else.