Eye Pad

    This is a very handy combination of gauze and cotton which can be purchased in most of the drug stores. It is very useful as packing gauze in the treatment of thrush. The patch has several layers of cotton and on both sides gauze. When using in the treatment of thrush as packing when the thrush cavity is deep enough it will take the whole patch, as the cavity gets smaller, split the pad in half, dip the gauze side into the reducine and pack it into the thrush cavity. The gauze makes it easier for removal, as plain cotton tends to get stuck and becomes more complicated to remove, especially if the horse is sensitive in the afflicted area.

Available in most drug stores

The eye pad can be
 easily split in two.


All my comments are merely my opinions and beliefs gained from 40 years of professional life with horses. All drugs should be used only by the consent of a veterinarian and according to his instructions. A person who is with the horse everyday, should know him better than anyone else.