The Yomut Horse


   The Yomut horse was bred by the Turkmen’s tribe Yomut in the western Turkmenistan and in the valley of the river Atrek. These two areas are separated from each other by the Kara-Kum desert.


   The Yomut horse is somewhat smaller than the Achaltekin, in the withers averaging 150 to 152 cm (14’3 to 15 hands), otherwise from the central Asian horses resembles the most in color and exterior the Achaltekin horse.

    The Yomut is a very fast riding horse that is often crossbred with the Kirgiz horses to improve the endurance qualities. He also serves as the “corrector” of other Mongolian breeds.


Training for a race

Getting ready

Going to the race



Decorative horse "blanket" of the Yomut people

Translated by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a. Lee Stanek from the 1953 Special Zoo-Technique - Breeding of Horses
Published in 1953 by the Czechoslovakian Academy of Agricultural Science and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Written by: MVDr Ludvik Ambroz, Frabtisek Bilek, MVDr Karel Blazek, Ing. Jaromir Dusek, Ing. Karel Hartman, Hanus Keil, pro. MVDr Emanuel Kral, Karel Kloubek, Ing. Dr. Frantisek Lerche, Ing. Dr Vaclav Michal, Ing. Dr Zdenek Munki, Ing. Vladimir Mueller, MVDr Julius Penicka, pro. MVDr Emil Pribyl, MVDr Lev Richter, prof. Ing. Dr Josef Rechta, MVDr Karel Sejkora and Ing. Dr Jindrich Steinitz.