The Shagya Lineage of Warmbloods

Shagya X born 1899
Sire Shagya VII, dam 246 Sheraky

Typical Oriental halfblood of 
the Shagya line, 
8 years 618 Shagya 

Shagya XVI

    This most refined/noble halfblooded line of oriental horses was established in Babolna (Hungary) by the stallion Shagya, who was imported from the desert, born in Syria 1830 from the Koheil – Siglavi line and purchased for the formal Austria – Hungarian empire by colonel Herbert in the year 1836 from the Bedouin tribe Bani Saher. He was “honey” gray, 159 cm tall and was active in Babolna till 1842; his blood was kept up by several of his sons from which excelled most Shagya IV out of mare Siglavi I. Shagya IV was the sire of the Mezöhegyesh stallion Shagya X, born 1855 out of the mare 307 Samahn II; his three sons (Sh VI, Sh VII, Sh VIII) were returned to Babolna were the most prominent was the Shagya VIII out of 25 Aga on whom the actual Shagya line in Babolna was established. Two of the Mezöhegyesh Shagya X sons, Shagya I, Shagya II came to Radovec where the entire Radovec - Shagya line was rebuilt.

    Grandson of the stallion Shagya II was Shagya X, born in Radovec 1899 out of 246 Sheraky.

    Shagya X (1899) asserted his typical morphological and physiological attributes, lively temperament, undemanding in care and feeding, excellent ability to utilize food, endurance at work under saddle and even in light draft, usefulness for breeding in later age, light and roomy gaits. The cavalry regiments, whereby the descendants of Shagya X were exclusively valued, tested the endurance and toughness of Shagyas. According to colonel Heller’s report, there was not even one Shagya that could not jump well. Also, because of his offspring uniformity, they were also very much thought out for coupling/team light draft/carriage.

Shagya X - 506                  Shagya X - 586                  Shagya X - 566

    Shagya X was for a long time dappled gray; only in his later age became white, despite that his parents, sire Shagya VII and his dame 246 Sheraky, were already white in their middle age. Because his granddame from his sire side 361 El-Bedavi was bay, often there were in his offspring bays (as much as 45%), which were then, due to the ruling resentment for the gray color, greatly valued.

    Shagya X was very potent stallion till his later age; in Kladruby he bred for the last time in the year 07/19/1927 and as 28 year old was put down on account of his advanced age. His blood was circulating in horses all over Europe, Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland, Germany and even in the USA.

Translated by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a. Lee Stanek from the 1953 Special Zoo-Technique - Breeding of Horses
Published in 1953 by the Czechoslovakian Academy of Agricultural Science and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Written by: MVDr Ludvik Ambroz, Frabtisek Bilek, MVDr Karel Blazek, Ing. Jaromir Dusek, Ing. Karel Hartman, Hanus Keil, pro. MVDr Emanuel Kral, Karel Kloubek, Ing. Dr. Frantisek Lerche, Ing. Dr Vaclav Michal, Ing. Dr Zdenek Munki, Ing. Vladimir Mueller, MVDr Julius Penicka, pro. MVDr Emil Pribyl, MVDr Lev Richter, prof. Ing. Dr Josef Rechta, MVDr Karel Sejkora and Ing. Dr Jindrich Steinitz.