The Kalmyk Horse

Kalmyk kazaks (cossacs)

    The Kalmyk horse was once bred by the nomadic Kalmyk tribe on the steppes between the Caspian Sea and Manytchem, estuary of the river Don (Kalmykiya). At one time he was also spread not only as far as Altay where he was crossbred with the Kirgiz horse and laid the foundation for the Siberian horse, but west from the Volga river as well, where he blended in with the Old Don horse and other more cultural breeds, which gave him ultimately taller form than the Kirgiz horse (145-150 cm in the withers). These forms were called “drebents”.

    Kalmyk horse was rougher than the Kirgiz, had longer neck, steeper shoulder and less steep hindquarters.

Translated by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a. Lee Stanek from the 1953 Special Zoo-Technique - Breeding of Horses
Published in 1953 by the Czechoslovakian Academy of Agricultural Science and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Written by: MVDr Ludvik Ambroz, Frabtisek Bilek, MVDr Karel Blazek, Ing. Jaromir Dusek, Ing. Karel Hartman, Hanus Keil, pro. MVDr Emanuel Kral, Karel Kloubek, Ing. Dr. Frantisek Lerche, Ing. Dr Vaclav Michal, Ing. Dr Zdenek Munki, Ing. Vladimir Mueller, MVDr Julius Penicka, pro. MVDr Emil Pribyl, MVDr Lev Richter, prof. Ing. Dr Josef Rechta, MVDr Karel Sejkora and Ing. Dr Jindrich Steinitz.